8″ Pillow Top Complete Hybrid Waterbed

Made in Canada, Pillow Top complete 8″ foam side wall depth hybrid waterbed package includes high quality thick premium fabric, luxurious top cover, Premium Fabric pillow top (also called a tight top) is removable for easy cleaning.


  • Zippered, removable, Pillow-top cover
  • 8″ foam sidewalls
  • One piece base (2 piece standard for King size)
  • Waterbed metal frame
  • Solid state Canadian Standard Association approved waterbed heater.
  • Includes Semi motionless water mattress, fill and drain kit and conditioner.
  • Motionless waterbed mattress add $50
  • Two piece base is available for queen, for easy transport, tight doorways, turns and staircases add $88
  • Dual Mattresses to isolate movement add $149
  • 20 year limited warranty

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Pillowtop 8





Pillow-Top - T $1199 Pillow-Top - D $1349 Pillow-Top - Q $1399 Pillow-Top - K $1599
SizeTwin Double Queen King