hybrid Waterbed Heater

Soft-sided Waterbed Heater

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Description:   Premium Calesco waterbed heaters keep you warm and comfortable.  Safe and reliable solid state unit w/indicator light has a built in heat sensor built into pad (no separate probe or sensor).  Patented self cancelling EMF circuit and low power consumption.

Extremely accurate temperature regulation.  Resists electrical spikes up to 1500V.  Pad dimensions 12″x24″. 5 year Canadian-USA warranty (2 years full, 3 year pro-rated.  170 watt/110V 60 cycle ETF.  This waterbed heater designed for soft sided hybrid waterbeds with a single bladder waterbed mattresses or individual tube beds.

Canadian CSA and American UL approved Calesco waterbed heater.

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Price:  $117.00