9" Quality Futon

9″ Quality Futon

SKU# Fut9

Great quality futon. Tufted 23 times (double and queen) to prevent shifting of material. Layered with high density foam and cotton  We recommend the 9″ premium when using on bi-fold futon frames or as a sleeping mattress. Fits into most futon covers for a snug fit.  Also be sure to check out our selection of SOLID futon covers. Inquire for any special size.  Quick shipping, order today.

Shipping: Pick up at our Scarborough or Vaughn Warehouse, or EMAIL us for a shipping quote.


9 Futon - S $169 9 Futon - D $199 9 Futon - Q $239

Chair $139 Chair $149 Love Seat $199 Love Seat Lounger (2pc) $239