Avena non-pillow top

Avena non-pillow top

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High quality thick premium fabric, Luxurious zippered top cover, Premium Damask Fabric non-pillow top (also called a tight top) is removable for easy cleaning.  8″ deep fill high density foam side rails. 20 year limited warranty.  Made in Canada.

Includes complete bed including top, one piece base (2 piece for King size),  metal base frame and solid state heater, just add water. included in this complete package is the ER9254 waveless water mattress  featuring premium 18 mil Endura III Vinyl, Tethered Wave Control System, 3 full size layers of 1.5 oz. beaded fibre, 1 Layer of lumbar support. Also available is the ER9256 motionless mattress with 4 full size layers of 1.5 oz. beaded fibre and 2 Layer of lumbar support or a dual version. 2 piece split base is available for queen size, for easy transport, tight doorways, turns and staircases. Includes fill and drain kit with conditioner.

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SizeTwin Double Queen King